Our story

In 1956, Mohamed Abu Khuzam, a Lebanese writer and a poet, first brought Yerba Maté from the forests of Argentina to the shores of Lebanon. Yerba Maté was shrouded in mystery at the time, and only a handful of people used it medicinally, but Mohamed had faith in this humble plant and believed that his beloved Yerba Maté deserved as much love as the globally ubiquitous coffee and tea.


Mohamed took it upon him to educate the community about the elusive plant from Argentina, mostly during social occasions as well as stocking it in his Beirut shop, nestled between Debbas Square and Bechara El Khoury street, known today simply as ‘Downtown’.

As the war took its toll on Beirut, Mohamed moved the business away from the conflict to the Beirut suburb of Chweifat for a few years, and then further up to the Al Chouf mountains, to a small town called Kfarhim, which Mohamed Abu Khuzam & Sons has called home ever since.

The founder’s eldest son, Arij Abu Khuzam, took over the business in the 1980s, growing it into a regional business and establishing its own facilities including warehouses, offices and a flagship store in Kfarhim.

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